Connecting Somerset update!

SWRDA, ESF, Somerset County Council and Business Link have funded another year of Connecting Somerset. As from Wednesday 16 May, they will be offering £500,000 in grants to Somerset based businesses.

They will be offering both training and financial assistance to support businesses. The new grant scheme will require all applicants to undertake some training prior to the grant being approved. The training has been developed in line with the workshops they have been running over the previous year and will be provided by Adult Learning and Leisure. There are 2 levels and the courses will be run at 5 different venues throughout the county.

The scheme has changed slightly; there are now 4 steps within the grant offer and businesses may apply for one or more these steps.

(PLEASE NOTE : They no longer assist with grants for broadband or Pc’s).

The steps for which they are offering grants are as follows:

  • Step A – This is for a static website; also known as a brochure website.  They’ll pay 50% of the costs – up to £500.
  • Step B – This is for a Content Management System (CMS – a website function that allows the owner to update the website themselves).  They’ll pay 50% of the cost of upgrading to a site that can be updated – up to £500.
  • Step C – This is take on line payments.  They’ll pay 50% of the costs of moving into E-commerce – up to £500.
  • Step D – This is for E-business, using the internet and / or computer networks at the heart of a business. There are lots of ways this can be done and all qualify for a grant.

The new scheme runs until the end of March 2008.

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