Durrant Wapshott Event at Vanilla

September 24, 2008

This month we were asked to create a registration website for London based graphic design company – Durrant Wapshott. Clients were sent out invites to a drinks party which included a username and password which they could then enter on the site to confirm their registration thereby giving the company an accurate number relating to turnout.


The site was built and themed using elements from graphics that the company supplied.

Google Chrome – Killer App?

September 3, 2008


Hype very rarely meets with reality, however sometimes, very occasionally, the “new thing” actually turns out to be just what they said it would and even less often does it exceed your expectations. The iPhone, Dyson, Playstation, SAT Nav and Lord of the Rings did just that.   Today Google’s new browser, Chrome, looks like it may be joining this exclusive club. Read the rest of this entry »